The Breeders - Title TK


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Title TK was originally released by 4AD in May 2002. The Deal sisters recruited new personnel to play several live shows in 2001 and returned to the studio with guitarist Richard Presley, bass player Mando Lopez and drummer Jose Medeles to record this third Breeders studio album with Steve Albini (Shellac etc), their first in nearly a decade.

A band that have stayed consistently brilliant throughout their career, with each album as essential and relevant as the one that preceded it, The Breeders continued push the boundaries of indie-rock on Title TK while returning to some of the tension-filled minimalism of their debut, Pod (which had also been recorded by Steve Albini) and pop-genius of Last Splash.


  1. Little Fury
  2. London Song
  3. Off You
  4. The She
  5. Too Alive
  6. Son of Three
  7. Put on A Side
  8. Full On Idle
  9. Sinister Foxx
  10. Forced to Drive
  11. T and T
  12. Huffer




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