The Breeders - Pod


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Pod is The Breeders debut album, originally released in May 1990 on 4AD. Formed by Kim Deal of Pixies and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses as a side project of their full time bands, they also brought in bassist Josephine Wiggs of The Perfect Disaster, Slint drummer Britt Walford, and producer Steve Albini (Shellac etc) to create one of the most understatedly iconic album of the 90s. 

Often cited by fans as a favourite of The Breeders' consistently flawless back-catalogue, it is an album of tension and dynamics; its restrained brooding indie-rock, and perfect pop songwriting, set the bar exactingly high for the decade to follow. 


  1. Glorious 
  2. Doe 
  3. Happiness Is a Warm Gun 
  4. Oh! 
  5. Hellbound 
  6. When I Was A Painter 
  7. Fortunately Gone 
  8. Iris 
  9. Opened 
  10. Only In 3’s 
  11. Lime House 
  12. Metal Man 



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