The Breeders - Mountain Battles


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The Steve Albini produced Mountain Battles, The Breeders' fourth album, released in 2008, captures all the bittersweet electricity Pod and Last Splash, and, like Title TK before it, continues to break new ground; classic-sounding, yet as relevant and exciting as ever.

By turns goofy, groovy, melancholy, strung-out, catchy, atmospheric, and at times, impossibly lovely, Mountain Battles underlines that Kim Deal is a songwriter and musician of rare intuition. Her songs move from offhand charm to emotional truth with casual grace, balancing scuffed-up noise against fraught silence; timeless structures against strange new shapes. And throughout is Kim's unique voice - languid, urgent, bruised, and beautiful.


  1. Overglazed
  2. Bang On
  3. Night Of Joy
  4. We're Gonna Rise
  5. German Studies
  6. Spark
  7. Istanbul
  8. Walk It Off
  9. Regalame Esta Noche
  10. Here No More
  11. No Way
  12. It's The Love
  13. Mountain Battles


Includes a 12” size, 28 page booklet



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