Boyracer - On A Promise


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For three decades, Boyracer have tireless trawled the international indie-pop underworld, embracing and promoting the essential essence of DIY-punk ethics with an armful of fuzzboxes, a cast of thousands and a continued sense of playful urgency. 
On A Promise
, Boyracer's thirteenth(!) full length, finds Stewart’ Anderson's songwriting flourish with welcome addition of Christina Riley, (Artsick, Burnt Palms), who adds effortless style to the classic fuzz-pop blueprint. 
The LP features sixteen tracks that are chock full of passion and purpose. Having honed their sound, Boyracer are now at their most comfortable and confident. “On A Promise” was recorded over a two-year period, in such exotic locations as Flagstaff Arizona, Sydney Australia, Berlin Germany, and Scarborough UK. 
Typical of Anderson's approach to his music over the past decade, On A Promise features many guest players old and new, building on the bands reputation and past positivity, whilst continuing to move forward. Sarah Records-Era member Simon Guild makes a return after a 27 year absence , as does Laura Bridge (Kicker, Hood etc), who also returns to the fold after 29 years to make her Boyracer vinyl debut on two of the tracks! Also featured are Mary Wyer and Anita Rayner (Even As We Speak), Snowy (Ocean Party), Penny McBride (Cannanes), and longtime well known Boyracer members Matty Green, Jen Turrell, Ged McGurn and Ara Hacopian. 


  1.  Hit And Miss 
  2. Crack The Red 
  3. Bunk Off Work Today 
  4. Stand By Yr Words 
  5. So Long 
  6. Positively Golden 
  7. Hidden Memories 
  8. The Rest Of Yr Life 
  9. Untitled 
  10. Girl In A Soul Band 
  11. Move On Up 
  12. Bored And Lonely 
  13. Chiseled By Hertz 
  14. Looks 
  15. Fucked Up Legacy 
  16. Entitled 
  17. Nervous 



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