Bowery Electric - Lushlife


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Originally released in early 2000, Lushlife is NYC based Bowery Electric's final album, now reissued on vinyl, remastered by John Davis (Lana Del Rey, Massive Attack) at Metropolis.

The album teems with atomized sounds, each one opening a portal in the mix, importing a haze of space and history, evoking the distant buzz of the city beyond the studio. Throughout, gilded strings build, sway and exhale, plugging the music into the sumptuous melancholy of Philly soul, the emotive Mancini-inspired arrangements of Gaye and Mayfield and the edgy soundtrack scores of David Shire. Yet with all the experiment and variation, Lushlife is actually quite a deliberate and enticing affair for the ear and mind.

"The duo seems to thrive on the thought that opposites attract - bleeding Erik B. & Rakim-flavoured beats into Nick Drake samples into Massive Attack-etched symphonic swirls into Cocteau Twins-hued melancholia" - Billboard Critic's Choice

  1. Floating World
  2. Lushlife
  3. Shook Ones
  4. Psalms of Survival
  5. Soul City
  6. Freedom Fighter
  7. Saved
  8. Deep Blue
  9. After Landing
  10. Passages


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