Bonnie Billy - More Revery

Bonny Billy - More Revery


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In the year 2000 – shortly after releasing what would become his most iconic album, I See A Darkness – Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy retreated to his family’s farmhouse with the majority of the I See A Darkness lineup in tow to record a half dozen covers of some of Oldham’s favourite songs.

The track listing is, as expected, inspired and eclectic: John Phillips, PJ Harvey, Bill Withers, The Renderers, John Holt, and Tim McGraw. Bonny Billy’s renditions are equally inspired and eclectic, ranging from slow-burning uneasiness to uncharacteristic jubilance.

Reissued by Temporary Residence Ltd. in 2016 and expanded to include rare live versions of the entire album.


  1. Someone's Sleeping
  2. Sweeter Than Anything
  3. Same Love That Made Me Laugh
  4. A Dream Of The Sea
  5. Strange Things
  6. Just To See You Smile
  7. Someone's Sleeping (Live)
  8. Sweeter Than Anything (Live)
  9. Same Love That Made Me Laugh (Live)
  10. A Dream Of The Sea (Live)
  11. Strange Things (Live)
  12. Just To See You Smile (Live)


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