Robins, Bluebirds, Buzzards And Orioles: The Bobby Day Story on Jasmine Records

Bobby Day - Robins, Bluebirds, Buzzards & Orioles: The Bobby Day Story 1952-1962


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The prolific and versatile Bobby Day enjoyed one of the more convoluted careers in R&B and rock'n'roll history, singing with countless vocal groups and recording under many pseudonyms. He remains perhaps best known for the original hit version of 'Rockin' Robin', a million-seller for him in 1958. 

He also charted with 'Little Bitty Pretty One', 'Buzz-Buzz-Buzz', 'Over And Over', 'The Bluebird, The Buzzard And The Oriole', 'That's All I Want', 'Gotta New Girl', 'My Blue Heaven' and 'Gee Whiz'. All are included on this compilation, which traces Bobby's journey from his early 50's jump blues and doo wop outings to his subsequent solo career, across eight different groups, including The Hollywood Flames and Bob & Earl, and thirteen record labels. 

A great many of these early sides are virtually impossible to find elsewhere, making this a genuinely essential set. 


  1. The Flames - Cryin' For My Baby 
  2. The ? Marks - Go And Get Some More 
  3. The Hollywood Flames - Ride, Helen, Ride 
  4. The Sounds - Cold Chills 
  5. Bobby 'Baby Face' Byrd & the Birds - The Truth Hurts 
  6. The Original Turks - Wagon Wheels 
  7. The Crescendos - Sweet Dreams 
  8. David Ford & The Ebbtides - My Confession 
  9. Bobby Day - So Long Baby 
  10. Bobby Byrd - Looby Doo 
  11. Bobby Day & The Satellites - Little Bitty Pretty One  
  12. Bob & Earl - You Made A Boo-Boo 
  13. The Hollywood Flames - Buzz-Buzz-Buzz 
  14. Bobby Day & The Satellites - Beep-Beep-Beep 
  15. Robert Byrd & Orch - Bippin' An' Boppin' Over You 
  16. Bobby Day - Honeysuckle Baby 
  17. Bobby Day - Little Turtle Dove 
  18. Bobby Day - Rockin' Robin 
  19. Bobby Day - Over And Over 
  20. Bob & Earl - When She Walks 
  21. Bobby Day - The Bluebird, The Buzzard And The Oriole 
  22. Bobby Day - That's All I Want 
  23. Bobby Day - Gotta New Girl 
  24. Bobby Day - Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
  25. Bobby Day - Three Young Rebs From Georgia 
  26. Bobby Day - My Blue Heaven 
  27. Bobby Day - Teenage Philosopher 
  28. Bobby Day - Gee Whiz 
  29. Bobby Day - I Need Help 
  30. Bobby Day - King's Highway 
  31. Bobby Day - Slow Pokey Joe 
  32. Bobby Day - Another Country, Another World 


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