Bilge Pump – We Love You


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If a band keeps it together for long enough music isn’t just made, it grows. Bilge Pump are at that point with We Love You, their first album in ten years and perhaps their most accessible one to date, accessible only because people are admitting that they were ready for them all this time, listening to the likes of Marc Riley and taking notice. Musically, they are share close-quarters post-hardcore bands like Fugazi, Shellac, Unwound and Red Monkey, but are also rooted firmly in the very english odd-pop tradition of bands like PiL, the Kinks and Queen!

Long term linchpins of the Leeds DIY scene, they now follow their own paths; growing veg, running up hills, building musical paraphernalia. Every now and then the call goes out; the time comes to do another tour, put another record out.

They have spent a while getting this album right, writing songs that describe a world where the council lets it rot and the kids make trouble, or sometimes music. For Bilge Pump, who first formed in 1996, this isn’t a career, it is more important than that, feeling the right moment, not forcing it. Anyone who has ever seen them will tell you they are loud. But loud and clear, defined patterns, riffs smoulder into drones and then catch fire again lyric’s trimmed of fat, precise and witty. 

  1. Wheel Of Yew
  2. Pangaea No More
  3. GUHAC
  4. Today They Destroyed My House
  5. The Passion Of The Kid
  6. Face Of Thunder
  7. Me Like No
  8. Manzana De La Discordia
  9. Duke Of Bilgewater
  10. Gondwana Girl


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