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Montreal's genre-defying BIG|BRAVE are a band who's tense heaviness, minimalist structures, and meticulous timing come from the power of improvisation reduced to just its essential elements. Their fifth album, VITAL, is built on this precise, rhythmical sound. 

BIG|BRAVE formed in 2012, with no other goal than simply experimenting with the instruments in their possession, Robin Wattie and Mathieu Ball started writing subtle ambient/minimalistic folk songs together. When long time friend Louis Alexandre Beauregard joined on drums, the goal still remained to play as tranquil as possible. After an incident where Wattie’s acoustic guitar broke, and having borrowed a friend’s electric as a replacement, larger amps that Ball had in storage from previous bands started to get incorporated to the outfit. Now with amplitude as a compositional tool, BB never lost interest in the power of minimalism and fragility. It became clear that loud volume would become just as effective as the lowest possible ones and the juxtaposition of both would become something BB still uses as their main MO to this day. 

After self-releasing Feral Verdure in 2014, the band had the opportunity to open for Thee Silver Mt Zion in Montreal, after which, Efrim Manuel Menuck found something meaningful in the members, and the band and invited them to open on future shows with Mt Zion and with Godspeed! You Black Emperor. 

In 2015, the band entered the studio with Menuck and recorded Au De La. With no home for the record, they decided to take a chance in writing to Southern Lord. As luck would have it, Greg Anderson happened upon their email among hundreds and responded. Since then, the band has had a home with Southern Lord Records. (Along with Au De La, Southern Lord has released Ardor in 2017, A Gaze Among Them in 2019 and now VITAL in 2021). 

After Beauregard’s departure in 2018, the band travelled down to Rhode Island with Loel Campbell on drums to make a first record with Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets. After the album’s release, with Campbell unable to tour, Tasy Hudson joined the ranks and the band spent most of the year touring their 2019 album A Gaze Among Them

In 2020, the core trio of Ball, Wattie and Hudson once again made the trek down to Machines with Magnets to record VITAL, the most collaborative record they’ve made so far. The band elaborate “having cut our teeth in very different musical backgrounds respectively, our intuitions vary, which has an interesting effect on our individual approaches and ears.” 

Lyrically, the album explores the weight of race and gender, endurance and navigating other people’s behaviours, observation and protest. The band further comment “this album involves what it means navigating the outside world in a racialized body and what it does to the psyche as a whole while finding individual worth within this reality.” 

“…combines elements of Björk, Neurosis and Sunn O))) into a cohesive whole; but this whole is an ever evolving and challenging sonic mass" - The Quietus 


  5. VITAL 


  • US import
  • CD housed in gatefold card sleeve with 4mm spine 




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