Beat Happening - Crashing Through


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Beat Happening have reached into their bag of goodies and pulled out a winner - this recently discovered recording of one of their most requested songs can now be heard in a lo-fi new light. 
One of the most influential DIY-punk indie-pop bands ever, Beat Happening were formed in Olympia, Washington in 1982 by Calvin Johnston, Heather Lewis and Bret Lunsford. 
This version of 'Crashing Through,' which has been dubbed the 'Meyering Mix,' was recorded in 1986 by Patrick Maley at Olympia's Yo-Yo Studio, and mixed by Jim Meyering, who worked with several Seattle bands in the 80's, including Dangerbunny (featuring members of The Beakers, Dangerbunny released music on early K cassettes). 
While the song was later re-recorded by Steve Fisk for the second Beat Happening album, Jamboree, in 1987, this version of 'Crashing Through,' remained forgotten in the archives until the recent discovery of a reel of tape with mixes Meyering had made of several Beat Happening recordings from Yo-Yo Studio. 
The B side of this single, 'The This Many Boyfriends Club', is also an earlier, alternate to what appeared on Jamboree, recorded at a live performance in Corvallis, Oregon, in early 1987. 


  1. Crashing Through (Meyering Mix) 
  2. The This Many Boyfriends Club (Corvallis) 


  • US import 
  • Cover art by Heather Lewis 


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