Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars


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Thank Your Lucky Stars is the 6th album from Beach House. 

"Their sound feels purposefully smaller, tamping down the reverb that made Teen Dream, Bloom, and Depression Cherry feel like they were recorded in great stone cathedrals. You can hear them experimenting more with "off" notes in their otherwise-immaculate arrangements. On "Somewhere Tonight", Legrand lets a sour note sneak into one of her organ runs, and "One Thing" opens with a heavy cloud of electric guitar that feels more tethered to snaking cables and rattling amps than usual. Spiritually, the album feels closer to the mood the duo cultivated before they signed to Sub Pop: These songs feel pneumatic, dusty, like they are pulling a blanket around themselves in a heatless attic to ward off a threatening chill." Pitchfork

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  1. Majorette
  2. She's So Lovely
  3. All Your Yeahs
  4. One Thing
  5. Common Girl
  6. The Traveller
  7. Elegy To The Void
  8. Rough Song
  9. Somewhere Tonight