Bamboo - Daughters Of The Sky


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Bamboo are Rachel Horwood (Trash Kit) & Nick Carlisle (Peepholes). Daughters of the Sky is their third album, and was written and recorded over a two year period where ideas and arrangements were allowed to slow-cook and develop over time, in contrast with the previous album "The Dragon Flies Away", which came together relatively quickly for the duo.

The music comprises the usual (for Bamboo) mix of Horwood's flawlessly resonant folk cadence and Carlisle's pristine synth production, whilst TR808 drum machines and samples lock together with acoustic drums, themselves often given the "Tony Visconti" Eventide Harmoniser treatment of Berlin-era Bowie albums. Ancient ARP synthesisers and Mellotron flutes and horns sit next to contemporary digital sounds and samples in a hauntological tapestry over which Horwood can intone her sometimes mournful, often uplifting vocals.

Although "Daughters Of The Sky" breaks away from the storybook concept format of The Dragon Flies Away, in that sense being more similar to Bamboo's debut album "Prince Pansori Priestess" (2015), there are still recurrent themes that run through the album such as motherhood, the cyclical nature of life, emancipation and liberation. "Branches dancing, bud stems growing, fibres swaying, arms unfurling" Horwood sings in The Deku Tree, a song which roots motherhood in nature's eternal cycle of birth and death. In the title track we see two perspectives of women spanning time and geography, Horwood drawing inspiration from the personal and also political. In 1917 a Russian match stick worker looks out of her window dreaming for a better life; in 2019 a Filipino maid in Hong Kong yearns to return to the children she has left behind. Both share a revolutionary spirit, protesting and fighting for a new world

"Daughters Of The Sky mixes history, fable and philosophical thought ... switching between the giddily euphoric and mournfully reflective" Uncut


    1. Diamond Springs
    2. Weeping Idols
    3. Daughters Of The Sky
    4. Memories All At Once
    5. Off-World Colony
    6. East Of The Sun / West Of The Moon
    7. The Deku Tree
    8. Under Larches
    9. A World Is Born
    10. Tenebrae


Limited gold coloured vinyl LP, gatefold LP sleeve with printed inner and download card. Gatefold CD sleeve with lyric booklet



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