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B-Fax - B-Fax


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B-Fax is the project of Jamie Whitby-Coles, best known for his drumming with This Is The Kit, Rozi Plain and The Liftmen. Featuring vocals by Rozi Plain and musical contributions from Sam Leyden (Romanhead) and Rasha Shaheen, the result is a gently lolling addition to the Bristol experimental folk cannon.



  1. Eyes Wide Open 
  2. Forest School 
  3. Ventolin 
  4. Path To More 
  5. Jellyfish 
  6. Apple Of My Eye 
  7. Wheel Meet Again 
  8. Bruise 
  9. Therefore 
  10. Constantine Rock 
  11. Nightlight 
  12. Lost It 
  13. Letting Go 
  14. Be There 


  • Limited to 500 copies worldwide
  • Released on Record Store Day 2020 



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