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Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context


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Calling Out Of Context is a collection of twelve previously unreleased tracks of avant-disco buddhist-bubblegum electro-pop, all recorded during Arthur Russell's prime years of 1985-90, and is the now-classic album that brought the late artist's work to the attention of a new generation. 

Over 25 years have passed since Arthur Russell left us, in relative obscurity, from AIDS complications in 1992. Yet his work - as composer, songwriter and dance music innovator - is better known now than ever before. Since Steve Knutson formed Audika Records and began excavating and curating Arthur’s vast archive, critics worldwide have hailed Russell as a visionary. Countless younger artists cite him as an influence. There has been an internationally acclaimed documentary film (Matt Wolf’s Wild Combination) and biography (Tim Lawrence’s Hold On To Your Dreams), along with various tribute albums, concerts and events. In 2004, beginning with this record, Audika Records began reissuing and compiling the previously unreleased and out of print material from Arthur Russell's vast archive. 

If Arthur Russell isn’t quite the pop star he imagined he would be, he is at least widely considered one of the most significant figures in late 20th century American music. 

“A nomad with an absolute commitment to freedom, whose natural element was music itself” - Olivia Laing 

“…a man crooning to himself out in the Iowa sunfields, killer whale deep in the ocean, drifting through the submarine city night and cobalt space” - David Toop, The Wire 


  1. The Deer In The Forest Part 1 
  2. The Platform Of The Ocean 
  3. You And Me Both 
  4. Calling Out Of Context 
  5. Arm Around You 
  6. That's Us / Wild Combination 
  7. Make 1, 2 
  8. Hop On Down 
  9. Get Around To It 
  10. I like You! 
  11. You Can Make Me Feel Bad  
  12. Calling All Kids 


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