April Magazine - If The Ceiling Were A Kite: Vol. 1


  • £22.99

San Francisco's April Magazine make slow-dream lo-fi indie-pop that relishes in tape-hiss, lush reverb and bittersweet harmonies, blending guitars and voices, and sweetness and noise, seamlessly and hypnotically. 
The songs on If The Ceiling Were A Kite were recorded over a span of about two years, and originally self-released on cassettes. Peter Hurley, Mike Ramos and Katiana Mashikian started playing together around a four track cassette recorder in Peter’s bedroom in 2018, and were joined by other kindred spirits like Julia Waves, Ian Collins, Anthony Comstock OBC, Zach Vito, and eventually David Diaz, both on some of the recordings and their live shows, adding to the collective ‘whatever works’ ethos of the band. 
The album is a beautiful collection of perfectly rough-around-edges pop songs that drip from the speakers like Sunday mornings forever... 


  1. AM
  2. Shirley Don’t
  3. Parade
  4. After Pachalbel
  5. Pink Hair
  6. If the Ceiling Were A Kite
  7. Undone
  8. Freeway
  9. Uptown
  10. Walking to the Pier
  11. Snow
  12. Daffodils 


  • Limited pressing of 500 copies on cream vinyl 
  • Housed in reverse-board jacket with printed inner sleeve 





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