Alison Statton & Spike - Bimini Twist


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As soon as Spike discovered punk, he wasted no time forming Reptile Ranch (Wales’ own Scritti Politti), starting a label (Z Block), and releasing the compilation of the Cardiff scene, Is The War Over? After an act dropped out of the cooperatively-funded venture, Spike approached the disbanded Young Marble Giants to contribute a track or two. Bemused, they agreed to reform, and it wasn’t long before Rough Trade rang the public phone listed on the back cover of the LP to poach the combo, leading to an album which hit immediately and has inspired hundreds of artists since.

All the while, Spike worked with Debbie Pritchard in a number of unheard bands - but that’s another tale. After YMG’s breakup, singer Alison Statton started Weekend with Spike and Simon Booth, a project which saw chart success and the birth of a nouveau-retro style as individualistic as YMG’s, one later co-opted by lesser acts. Weekend, too, split after their debut album.

Despite Weekend having become Alison’s second big act, Rough Trade passed on her next project with Spike. Vinyl Japan stepped in to release the duo’s debut, Tidal Blues and other releases followed, but as real life, jobs, and children beckoned, both Alison and Spike stepped away from music . . for more than twenty years.

Bimini Twist is the work of the two alone. Alison Statton & Spike aren't simply back with their first album in more than two decades, but have redefined their long-running musical partnership with a collection of songs matching the diversity of Weekend's classic La Varieté with a charm and innocence that reflects the fact that every note of this album was performed by the two of them alone, mostly 'live,' with no help from outside musicians, engineers or any other living soul. 


  1. Just Us Two
  2. Open Portal
  3. Scuttling Through
  4. Curse Or Pray
  5. Alone Together
  6. Twisted Snippet
  7. Under Cover
  8. Distraction
  9. Sixty Second Window
  10. Crossroads
  11. Sleepless


LP includes download card; random copies pressed on white vinyl.

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