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Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda


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Originally released in 1971, Journey In Satchidananda is Alice Coltrane's fourth solo album, and is one of the landmark releases in avant and spiritual jazz. 

On the album, Coltrane (harp, piano) is joined by Pharoah Sanders (saxophone, percussion) and Rashied Ali (drums), as well as Vishnu Wood (oud), Charlie Haden (bass), Tulsi (tamboura), Cecil McBee (bass), and Majid Shabazz (bells, tambourine). 

Blending Coltrane's interest in Middle-Eastern, North-African and Indian music and culture with North American modal and free-jazz, Journey In Satchidananda is both visionary and remarkably accessible. It is one of our all-time favourite albums here at radio/ON, and comes highly recommended; whether you're deeply submerged in the world of experimental jazz, or are looking for an entry point into Alice Coltrane's work, or avant-post-bop in general, it is a deeply rewarding and subtly - but incredibly - mind-blowing album. 


  1. Journey In Satchidananda 
  2. Shiva-Loka 
  3. Stopover Bombay 
  4. Something About John Coltrane 
  5. Isis And Osiris 


  • LP housed in gatefold jacket with original artwork 
  • CD housed in double-gatefold digipack case with 8mm spine, and features original artwork 



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