at Friendly Records, Bristol
8 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1HT

Friday 4th November 2107

6.30pm - 8pm
all ages | free/donation


Xu Shaoyang

Chinese experiental musician Xu Shaoyang makes uniquely unpretentious and beautiful music, gently weaving improvised songs from whistful melodies and delicate noise.

As a member of the Japanese avant-garde pop ensemble Maher Shalal Hash Baz (Geographic/K Records), Xu has an kindred-connection to the Bristol experimental/lo-fi/diy music scene of Movietone, Crescent et al, and a similarly playful approach to instrumentation and collaboration.

Xu focuses on writing, arranging and re-arranging songs live, in front of an audience, and has shared stages around the world with, amongst others, Ana Da Silva (Raincoats), Lee Ranaldo, Tenniscoats, and The Balky Mule. Musical similarities can be drawn from each of these artists, but, more importantly, there is a shared sensibility - a tireless amateurism and enthusiasm for finding new sounds, and new ways of making those sounds, and embracing all and any mistakes along the way as valid, articulate and beautiful musical moments.

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