Listening Booth

Welcome to the listening booth!
This is a new feature on the site where we'll add some audio links, and videos to help you discover more music, and to highlight some of our favourite records! Enjoy...
We'll regularly be adding more content soon, but, to start with, let's listen to some of this weeks new releases...
Out this week...





Sinosa - If U Must Dance

Didactic electro-art-pop, from the 7" single on Happy Robots.

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Snob - Sex Contract

Hardcore punks of London, from the self-titled debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus.
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Tim Linghaus - Drive Me Somewhere Nice

Meditative and minimalist ambient/piano composition from the album, Memory Sketches, on Schole Records.
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Come Holy Spirit - Human Animal

Post-punk twists, turns, scratches and stomps from the album, Asters And Disasters, on Water Wing Records.
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Dylan Carlson - Scorpions In Their Mouths

Guitar-heavy-noise-wrangling from the album, Conquistador, on Sargent House.
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