Listening Booth

Welcome to the listening booth!
This is a new feature on the site where we'll add some audio links, and videos to help you discover more music, and to highlight some of our favourite records! Enjoy...




Sinosa - If U Must Dance

Didactic electro-art-pop, from the 7" single on Happy Robots.

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Snob - Sex Contract

Hardcore punks of London, from the self-titled debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus.
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Tim Linghaus - Drive Me Somewhere Nice

Meditative and minimalist ambient/piano composition from the album, Memory Sketches, on Schole Records.
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Come Holy Spirit - Human Animal

Post-punk twists, turns, scratches and stomps from the album, Asters And Disasters, on Water Wing Records.
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Dylan Carlson - Scorpions In Their Mouths

Guitar-heavy-noise-wrangling from the album, Conquistador, on Sargent House.
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