radio/ON is an independent online record store and distro based in Bristol UK.

We specialise in pop thrills, DIY punks, noise-nik experimentalists, sounds-from-way-back-when, lo-fi kickers, indie-kid-politix, and especially the adventurous sounds coming from queer and feminist places....

As well as stocking the most exciting new releases each week, we'll be bringing you the best from DIY labels around the world, and as much of the back catalogue of our favourite labels and bands as we can, including some all-time essentials.

We love to discover and hear things that sound like nothing we've ever heard before, and we hope we can help you do some of that too. If you have recommendations for us, or if your label/band/project have put out something (old or new) that you think we should be stocking - get in touch


SHIPPING . . .... .. . . . . . .

We offer free UK postage on all orders over £25.

All orders currently ship within one working day (unless they contain pre-orders - see below). 

When you check-out, you will be offered a selection of shipping options, depending on where you are located, with the cheapest as the default.

Shipping costs are based on the total weight of your entire order, to keep it as low as possible, which is why we don't display these next to each item, and only calculate this when you go to the check-out (you can see the shipping costs before you confirm your order, and can adjust your shopping cart as much as you like before you purchase).

There is a lot more information on our shipping page, 


PRE-RELEASES . ... .. .  . . . . .

Pre-releases are items that are available to order prior to their actual release date. We aim to ship pre-releases so that they arrive with you on, or before, the day of release if possible.

When you purchase a pre-release item, we will hold shipment on your entire order until it is ready to go. If you do not want to wait for the rest of your order, please place pre-release orders separately. You can cancel pre-release orders at any time, by emailing shop@radio-on.co.uk, and a full refund will be issued.

The expected release date for each pre-release will be listed in the item description. However, all release dates are subject to change, and we have no control over this. Information on the item descriptions will be the most up-to-date that we have, but if you place an order on an item that is subsequently delayed, we will email you to let you know, and give you the option to cancel any delayed releases if you wish.