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Sauna Youth - Deaths


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Sauna Youth's third album, with the thrilling and fatal moniker Deaths, is strung-out, immediate and wiry post-punk with a full-on pop heart. But a devastatingly weird pop heart...

Jerky, mechanical, but fully human, Deaths is an album about living in the moment; it is site and time specific - being a band, spending most of their time in an archway in Peckham (heard through samples, including amp interference from trains passing by overhead), it was written and recorded quickly, trusting their instincts, and not questioning what was produced.

Sauna Youth is Boon, Mince, Ecke and Pines. They also played together in the band Monotony, and between them have played or do play in other bands and music projects including Primitive Parts, Feature, Child’s Pose, Lilac, Cold Pumas, Oblate, Teufelskreis, Mind Jail, Gold Foil, Tense Men as well as being involved with the organisations Good Night Out, The Positive Press, Constant Flux & Heart n Soul.



  1. Percentages
  2. Unreal City
  3. Leisure Time
  4. In Flux
  5. Problems
  6. No Personal Space
  7. The Patio
  8. Distracted
  9. Veiled Critique
  10. Laura
  11. Swerve
  12. Theatre 83


LP pressed on 180g vinyl; reverse-board sleeve with matt insert; colour-vinyl version also comes with a handscreened newsprint poster

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