Some Kind Of Happiness? by Television Personalities on Fire Records

Television Personalities - Some Kind Of Happiness?: Singles 1994-1999


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A two disc retrospective of every single track released by The Television Personalities between the tail end of 1994 and 1999, the latest in Fire Records' extensive retrospectives of the Television Personalities' non-album tracks - all in a lavish package with extensive sleevenotes and unseen photographs.

Featuring all the EP and single tracks that originally appeared on a host of indie pop labels, it’s a cohesive trip into the mind of post-punk songwriter and indie pioneer Dan Treacy, a gifted teller who places the world in his own hazy shade of focus, heading deep into introspection - it’s heart on the sleeve stuff delivered as indie pop poetry. A diary of demise.

The double-album also includes some inspired covers, including the TVPs versions of The Raincoats' 'No One's Little Girl,' Jaques Brel/Rod McKuen's 'Season's In The Sun,' and The Kinks' 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' among others.

  1. I’m Not Like Everybody Else
  2. I Hear A New World
  3. I’ve Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
  4. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
  5. He Used To Paint In Colours
  6. Who Will Be Your Prince?
  7. Do You Think if You Were Beautiful You’d Be Happy?
  8. I Suppose You Think It’s Funny
  9. Time Goes Slowly When You’re Drowning
  10. Meanwhile In A Luxury Dockland Home
  11. I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Easy Mix)
  12. She Lives For The Moment
  13. None Of This Will Matter When You're Dead
  14. Jennifer Julie & Josephine
  15. Now That I’m A Junkie!
  16. How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
  17. Seasons In The Sun
  18. Bike
  19. No-One’s Little Girl
  20. The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming
  21. When I Grow Up I Want To Be...


Released for Record Store Day 2020; limited to 500 copies in the UK (1000 worldwide); includes download coupon with additional track


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