Wombo - Blossomlooksdownuponus


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Wombo's debut album Blossomslookdownuponus sees the Louisville, KY trio expertly careen through the tides of avant-pop, post-punk, off-kilter indie-rock, and jazzy art-core nonchalance, on a kaleidoscopic trip of surprise twists. 

Formed in 2016 by Sydney Chadwick (bass, vocals) and Cameron Lowe (guitar) and Joel Taylor (drums), Sydney and Cameron are formerly of the equally inventive The Debauchees. But where their previous band had perfected a frantic post-disco minimalism, Wombo's energy, while still pared-back, is much more a lounge-psych sort of strange. All the while casting an askew glance towards the math-rock heritage of their hometown, they present a knowingly kitsch and playful album that finds ways to break all the rules in the most uniquely brilliant ways! 


  1. Sweet Powder Sugar Sandy 
  2. Sad World 
  3. Ginkobiloba 
  4. Overwhelming 
  5. Blossom Bear 
  6. Rain Dove  
  7. Chugging 
  8. A Place of My Own 
  9. Black Hole Sun II 
  10. May / Outro 


  • US import 
  • Limited pressing of 300 copies 
  • Includes printed inner-sleeve 




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