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Slum of Legs are a queer, feminist noise-pop DIY band.

We are Alex, Emily, Kate, Maria, Mich and Tamsin. We write songs about ghosts, architecture, gender, loneliness and hair envy. You can dance to all of them. Sometimes we sound like The Shaggs, Slant 6 and La Dusseldorf playing at an impromptu party in space

One of our songs is a live séance. We’ve performed on a Norwegian mountain and in many, many basements. We like pylons and onstage pile-ons. We’re interested in modernist architecture, art & literature. We use collage & cut-up in our artwork and this also reflects the fractured nature of our songs and how the 6 of us, who all bring completely different influences to the band, have been stuck into a blender with the controls jammed.

We are a giant pop-psych, punk monster with twelve legs. Our songs are melodic and dissonant, anthemic and experimental. Our debut album ‘Slum of Legs’ is a manifesto for compassion and defiance in a confusing, unrestful world.

Praise for Slum of Legs: "a kind of fiendish exploratory outsider pop music that recognises no limitations….weird, dissonant, home made, different from anything you'd make". (Stereo Sanctity)

‘an enticing bunch, fusing influences ranging from riot grrl, classical and krautrock’ (Drowned in Sound)

‘a six-headed eruption of disillusionment and reality checking…. ready to take on everyone and anyone’. (Collapse Board)

'the post everything band you didn't even know you'd been waiting to hear' (Impose magazine)


  1. Benetint & Malevolence
  2. Slum Of Legs
  3. I Dream Of Valves Exploding
  4. RUTHE14ME
  5. In Yr Face
  6. Love's Not Enough
  7. The Baader-Meinhof Always Look So Good In Photos
  8. White Leather
  9. Sasha Fierce
  10. The Last Time


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