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Hailing from Singapore, Sial's blistering abrasive, loud and primitive sounding hardcore encompasses exactly what it is to be sial ('damned' in english)! A swear word in Bahasa Melayu (Malay), Sial sings in the language of Singapore's indigenous minority, and challenge a culture and language generally said to be gentle and polite.

Commonly described as an idle and passive people until the colonisation of Singapore by the British, Sial takes back a power stripped away by centuries of imperialism and lies. Their hardcore takes props from the ferocity of early Disorder output mixed with a singer who without doubt has had Comes debut album on repeat. Their rhythm section works relentlessly to create a mix of mid 90’s Japanese crasher crust and second wave UK punk.


  1. Bila-Bila 
  2. Suara
  3. Masa Depan
  4. Sumpah Serapah 
  5. Leta
  6. Otak Memberontak 
  7. Jijik


Sial's debut record comes housed in a heavy reverse-board sleeve and includes a lyric insert and download code. 

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