Sen Morimoto's self-titled album on Sooper Records

Sen Morimoto - Sen Morimoto


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Sen Morimoto is the gleaming new self-titled double LP from Chicago multi-hyphenate producer, instrumentalist, and songwriter, Sen Morimoto.

Across fifteen songs, Morimoto's vocal hooks swim within an ethereal fount of synth, guitar, saxophone, and drum machines, and are bolstered by appearances from Lala Lala, KAINA, Joseph Chilliams (Pivot Gang), Qari, and NNAMDI.


  1. Love, Money Pt. 2
  2. Woof
  3. Symbols, Tokens
  4. Butterflies (ft. KAINA)
  5. Deep Down (ft. AAAMYYY)
  6. Tastes Like It Smells (ft. Lala Lala, Kara Jackson, Qari)
  7. Save
  8. Wrecked (ft. NNAMDI)
  9. Goosebumps
  10. Daytime But Darker
  11. The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme
  12. The Box (ft. Joseph Chilliams)
  13. You Come Around
  14. Nothing Isn’t Very Cool
  15. Jupiter




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