Halloween Songs by Jad & David Fair on Kill Rock Stars (the album artwork features a painting in naive-style of country singers going trick or treating amongst jack-o-lanterns)

Jad & David Fair - Halloween Songs


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In the mid-1970s, David Fair and Jad Fair unleashed Half Japanese as a blistering, art-damaged, pre-punk group from Uniontown, Maryland, recording several acclaimed indie albums. David left in the '80s to pursue visual arts while Jad maintains Half Japanese to this day. 
In 1995, the brothers teamed up again, as Jad & David Fair, releasing a 7" EP and album (Best Friends) on Vesuvius Records, followed in 1998 by Monster Songs for Children (Sing Your Little Babies to Sleep) on Kill Rock Stars. Ten years later, in 2008, the spooky follow-up, Halloween Songs, continued the lo-fi odd-pop haunted party beat. Sporting a richer, yet still minimal, sound, each short tune guests zombies, witches, Frankenstein as well as devil-dealing blues legend Robert Johnson! 
Monster Song for Children, and Halloween Songs, have now been pressed on vinyl for the very first time, as part of Kill Rock Stars' 2021 celebrations marking the ground-breaking label's thirtieth anniversary.


"If Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi wrote songs they would've sounded like this. 21 new songs about cackling witches, blood thirsty vampires and the walking dead. 21 songs to chill your flesh and blast shivers down your spine. You can shut your eyes and wish but it won't go away. 21 reasons to squirm. 21 reasons to leave the lights on. Play it if you dare and change your life forever. Whistle these in the graveyard, Tough Guy."



  1. Ghost Shout 
  2. Full Sized Candy Bars 
  3. New Babysitter 
  4. Breeze Is Full Of Spirits 
  5. Bride Of Frankenstein 
  6. Ghost House 
  7. Grave Mistake 
  8. Don't Answer The Door 
  9. Ghost Show 
  10. Zombie King 
  11. I Married A Vampire 
  12. Mary 
  13. Put The Pumpkin On The Table 
  14. Sitting With A Ghost 
  15. Snakes And Ladders 
  16. There's An Empty Grave Waiting 
  17. Trick Or Treat Country 
  18. Trick Or Treat 
  19. Wakened Dead Are Dancing 
  20. Witches Round A Cauldron 
  21. Robert Johnson 


  • US import 
  • Limited-edition pressing on opaque-orange with black-swirl colour vinyl 
  • Features new artwork by David Fair 




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