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Irma Vep is the on-going, evolving main vehicle for polymath musician Edwin Stevens, and on Embarrassed Landscape the project has reached a zenith. Primarily recorded in Stevens’s adopted home town of Glasgow over two days with frequent collaborators Ruari Maclean and Andrew Cheetham, Embarrassed Landscape is an album that breathes in a fetid skip full of millennial dread, self-effacing anxiety and doubt before exhaling it as heartbreaking songs and ecstatic abandon. It's something not unlike you might imagine Godspeed You! Black Emperor playing Velvet Underground songs would sound like. 

Following a series of limited releases spread out over the course of a decade, Irma Vep’s 4th album proper presents Stevens’s vision in its fullest and most realised form; built around the skeleton of Stevens’ country/folk-tinged songwriting, and fleshed out with loose instrumentation that often threatens to build to build epic walls of sound. - and sometimes does, before falling apart again. It’s a body of work that could have been the anxious songs of an over-thinker, but rendered with humour and poetic distain, Embarrassed Landscape revels in a kind of un-selfconscious confidence. 


  1. King Kong
  2. Disaster
  3. I Do What I Want
  4. Standards
  5. The Feeling Is Gone 
  6. Tears Are The Sweetest Sauce 
  7. Not Even 
  8. Purring 
  9. Canary

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