Fela Kuti - London Scene


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Fiftieth-anniversary edition of Fela Kuti's landmark early album that birthed the legendary afrobeat sound. 
Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician, producer, arranger, political radical and outlaw, and the originator of what he termed "afro-beat". A titanic musical and sociopolitical voice, Fela’s legacy spans decades and genres. 
To understand where Fela’s musical quest began, you have to start with his education at London’s Trinity College School of Music. While his family had sent him to England to study medicine, Fela had more musical aspirations. After finishing school, Fela returned to Nigeria and, with his band Koola Lobitos, began fusing the sounds of jazz and funk with the traditional African music he had been raised on, and his star status began to flourish. 
EMI, his label at the time, saw the true power of his musical creation and brought Fela and his band back to London to record at Abbey Road Studios. The result was 1971's London Scene, the beginning of what would become Fela's signature afrobeat style. While recording, Fela began his friendship with drummer Ginger Baker, who plays uncredited on the track ‘Egbe Mi O’. 



  1. J’Ehin J’Ehin 
  2. E Gbe Mi O 
  3. Who’re you 
  4. Buy Africa 
  5. Fight To Finish 


  • 50th-anniversary edition presented with gold foil obi-strip 
  • Features the original artwork 
  • Pressed on red, blue and white splatter vinyl 
  • Includes liner notes by Chris May 
  • Remastered at Abbey Road Studios 



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