Built To Spill - Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston


  • £11.99


Daniel Johnston's fractured pop presented through the eyes of Built To Spill...

In 2017 Built To Spill was invited to play a few shows as Daniel Johnston's back up band. This is what those rehearsals sounded like. In 2018 they recorded eleven of those songs, and following Johnston's passing last year, they stand as a heart-felt tribute to one of the most beloved songwriter of out time.


  1. Bloody Rainbow
  2. Tell Me Now
  3. Honey I Sure Miss You
  4. Good Morning You
  5. Heart, Mind And Soul
  6. Life In Vain
  7. Mountain Top
  8. Queenie The Dog
  9. Impossible Love
  10. Fake Records Of Rock And Roll
  11. Fish 


LP included 32 page song book

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