To Call Out Into The Night by Park Jiha & Roy Claire Potter on OTOROKU (the album artwork features a painting by Claire Cansick of a river with bathers; there is no text or information on the front of the sleeve)

Park Jiha & Roy Claire Potter - To Call Out Into The Night


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To Call Out Into the Night is the full recording of the beguiling Late Junction live sessions recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale studio in January 2020 - a one-off first meeting between Korean multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha and writer and performer Roy Claire Potter. 
Park Jiha plays the saenghwang, yanggeum, and piri, and Potter adds words to the improvised music. Together they unfurl a scene slowly before the listener, rich and focused, shifting your field of vision and drawing you in, elsewhere. It’s impossible not to follow, not to look for where they point.
Although the details are fine, the space each artist gives one another and their instruments, their language, is given to the listener in turn. A careful melody picks out a route for words with no fixed meaning, a body with no fixed direction, and we are invited to listen and see a kind of music made visible in its inference. 



  1. Saenghwang for the milky boys 
  2. Yanggeum for Trwyn Du, at Penmon 
  3. Piri & Yanggeum for a flooded town 
  4. Saenghwang for King's Palace tonight 
  5. Yanggeum for snapped ankle 


  • Features original artwork, Three Boys by Claire Cansick 
  • Includes liner notes by Frances Morgan 



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