Rehearsal Tapes And Alt. Takes NYC 1976-78 by Mars on Improved Sequence Records

Mars - Rehearsal Tapes And Alt. Takes NYC 1976-78


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Available on vinyl for the first time, Rehearsal Tapes and Alt. Takes NYC 1976-78 are a chronological record of the three years of the pioneering New York no-wave band Mars' existence, the first year of which was spent forming their sound and musical identity under the name China, starting out with a lineup of upright piano, bass, acoustic guitar and percussion before going electric with guitars, bass and drums. 
Mars were formed in 1975 by China Burg (guitar, vocals) and Nancy Arlen (drums),  Mark Cunningham (bass) and Sumner Crane (vocals). Following the release of their debut 7", '3E' b/w '11,000 Volts,' in 1978, the band appeared on the influential compilation album No New York, alongside DNA, James Chance & the Contortions, and Teeneage Jesus & the Jerks, which helped bring the experimental downtown no-wave punk scene to a wider audience, and inspired generations of bands for decades. 
This triple-LP includes the complete Piano Sessions (summer 1976), China To Mars (June 1977), 11,000 Volts (December 1977), No New York alternative takes, Scorn (July 1978), and NN End (November 1978). 



  1. Sumner Piano Solo 
  2. Pale Blue Eyes 
  3. Cry 
  4. Leather Jacket 
  5. Look At You 
  6. Crazy Like You 
  7. Cry 
  8. 3E 
  9. Plane Separation 
  10. Cats 
  11. Don’t Be So Sensitive 
  12. 11,000 Volts 
  13. 11,000 Volts 
  14. Cats 
  15. 3E 
  16. 11000 Volts Jam 
  17. Helen Forsdale (LP Take Rough Mix) 
  18. Puerto Rican Ghost (2 Takes Drums And Vocals) 
  19. Puerto Rican Ghost (2 Takes Full) 
  20. Hairwaves (Several Continuous Takes) 
  21. Tunnel (LP Take Rough Mix) 
  22. R T M T 
  23. Cairo 
  24. Cairo 
  25. Scorn 
  26. Tunnel 
  27. Hairwaves 
  28. Untitled Mystery (Tape Cuts Off) 
  29. N N End 
  30. Scorn 
  31. Monopoly - 2 Takes 
  32. Immediate Stages Of The Erotic 


  • Limited to 334 copies worldwide 


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