Kids On A Crime Spree - Fall In Love Not In Line


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Named after the San Francisco Examiner article by Bruce Koon and James Finefrock entitled 'Mousepacks: Kids on a Crime Spree.' which also spawned the late 70’s exploitation film Over the Edge, Kids On A Crime Spree is an Oakland, CA trio comprised of longtime friends and musical conspirators Bill Evans, Rebecca Barron, and Mario Hernandez (Artsick).
With a love of bubblegum-echo-fuzz and lo-fi garage pop, their debut EP We Love You So Bad was released on Slumberland Records in 2011, with a follow-up single Creep the Creeps in 2013 and four-song EP with Terry Malts on Emotional Response in 2017. Fall In Love Not In Line is the band's long awaited debut album, recorded at their makeshift studio and band space at the Karl Kardel Building in East Oakland. 


  1. Karl Kardel Building 
  2. When Can I See You Again? 
  3. NOYC 
  4. Vital Points 
  5. All Things Fade 
  6. Goods Get Got 
  7. Boomdoom 
  8. Overtaken By The Soil 
  9. Steve, Why Are You Such A Liar? 
  10. We're So Good 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition LP, pressed on black-inside-clear vinyl, available exclusively from independent stores 




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