The Hood Tapes by Hood on Acuarela Discos (the album artwork is a collage of tape, small photographs of trees, and a reel-to-reel, the band name is printed using ink stamps, and the album title is typed onto paper)

Hood - The Hood Tapes


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Hood were a prolific band from Leeds, formed in 1990 by brothers Richard and Chris Adams. Their knack of combining lo-fi noise inventiveness with an indie-songwriting brilliance, led them to become one of the most beloved and respected bands in the UK underground. Along with bands like Flying Saucer Attack, they helped create a new vocabulary in raw-experimentation and 4-track tape manipulation that held genuine emotional weight, outsider-pop appeal, and a rural post-rock foresight. 

The last widely available album by the band was 2005’s critically acclaimed Outside Closer on Domino Records, but they actually released a collection of home recorded songs, entitled The Hood Tapes, later the same year. This was presented at the time as a tour-only CD available at their final burst of shows, and later part of their highly sought after Recollected box set. Until now the standalone album has been impossible to find, and has never been issued on vinyl. 

In the sleeve notes to the Recollected set, the band describe the album as ‘something made in a hurry in order to have something to sell on the road’ but The Hood Tapes is a lot more than that. It contains all new music that seems to straddle their career from scratchy experimental lo-fi to the stuttery and staccato R'n'B-influenced pop they sprinkled over Outside Closer. The Hood Tapes could also be seen as a series of sketches of potential future musical avenues open to the band, who eventually instead chose to remain silent, and although key band members still operate under such names as Bracken, The Declining Winter and A New Line (Related), there has never been any further work issued under the Hood umbrella. 

The Hood Tapes therefore is an overlooked key component to their storied history,  and this essential release finally brings it in line with their more well-known work. 


  1. The Hurting World 
  2. Greydayer 
  3. When We'll Wait All The Tables 
  4. Driven Out By The Angry Villager 
  5. Loss And L.E.D. 
  6. Names For Rain 
  7. But I Was Only A Bystander 
  8. This Year's First Storm 
  9. Winter Politics 
  10. Sad Neck? 
  11. None Of The Above 
  12. Leave Like The Ghost You Are 


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