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After releasing two cassette EP’s in 2020 (on Popwig and Born Yesterday respectively), Dummy’s debut full-length album arrives via Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records. 

Employing pummelling guitars and celestial ambience within the same breath, the band folds a myriad of reference points into their drone-pop style. Influence from ’60s melodicism and ’90s UK noise-pop can be found woven in with inspiration from spiritual jazz, Japanese new age, and Italian minimalism. 

Dummy dodge the brooding, dark, dramatic tropes of contemporary “artistic” music, instead insisting on joyous and euphoric sonic palettes. They refuse to be artistically stagnant, continuously shifting their approach to writing across twelve tracks. Shaped by performances around Los Angeles in 2019, songs like 'Daffodils' and 'Fissured Ceramics' feature relentless driving energy and ample psychedelic noise. Elsewhere, the band counterbalance the aggression with meditative synthscapes focused on sound design and studio experimentation, like the motorik 'X-Static Blanket.' 

In contrast to the blissed-out instrumentation, Dummy’s sardonic lyricism examines “the burden of modern life, consumerism, environmental collapse, alienation, and other anxieties born out of living in this absurd moment in history.” Interior design, marine pollution, the psychology of commercial architecture, and nuclear testing are all featured subjects. This is - as the album title suggests - “Mandatory Enjoyment.” 


  1. Protostar 
  2. Fissured Ceramics 
  3. Final Weapon 
  4. Punk Product #4 
  5. Cloud Pleaser 
  6. H.V.A.C. 
  7. Tapestry Distortion 
  8. Unremarkable Wilderness 
  9. Daffodils 
  10. X-Static Blanket 
  11. Aluminum In Retrograde 
  12. Atonal Poem 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition sky-blue vinyl available exclusively from independent stores 
  • LP includes printed inner-sleeve 
  • CD housed in 'eco-pack' card jacket 
  • Cassette has tangerine-colour shell 




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