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Originally released in 1982 on Respond Records, Everything and More was the third single by Dolly Mixture, perhaps the single most influential bands in the creation of the post-punk indie-pop sound. 
Dolly Mixture were formed in Cambridge in 1978 by school friends, Debsey Wykes, Rachel Bor, and Hester Smith, who shared a mutual love of The Shangri-Las and The Undertones. Largely overlooked at the time, they released four singles and one EP between 1980 and 1984, their impeccable 1983 double-LP Demonstration Tapes (put out on their own Dead Good Dolly Platters label) has since become legendary and beloved by generations of fans. 
Produced by Captain Sensible and Paul Gray of The Damned, 'Everything and More' is a perfect example of Dolly Mixtures' brilliantly innovative songwriting: rooted in classic mod-pop, steeped in a bittersweet nostalgia and punk nonchalance, and. of course, unforgettably catchy. 
The B-side, 'You and Me On the Sea Shore,' is an epic instrumental, rendered by the band on piano, cello, timpani and souring vocals (with additional tambourine and teeth percussion by Gray and Sensible), that hints at the approach the band would take on their final Fireside EP (which eschewed the classic guitar/bass/drums set up), and further widening the scope of post-punk and pop music. 
This release is part of Optic Nerve Recordings' Optic Sevens series of strictly limited edition 7" single reissues. 


  1. Everything and More 
  2. You And Me On The Sea Shore 


  • Limited to 1000 copies 
  • Sleeve features the original single artwork 
  • Pressed on magenta vinyl 
  • Contains poster and postcard 



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