Ain't I A Woman by bell hooks, published in paperback by Pluto Press

Bell Hooks - Ain't I A Woman: Black Women & Feminism


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Taking its title from a speech by Sojourner Truth, in this classic study, first published in 1981, cultural critic and activist bell hooks examines how black women, from the seventeenth century to the present day, were - and are - oppressed by white men and black men, as well as by white women.

Illustrating her analysis with moving personal accounts, Ain't I a Woman is deeply critical of the racism inherent in the thought of many middle-class white feminists who have failed to address issues of race and class.

While acknowledging the conflict of loyalty to race or sex is still a dilemma, hooks challenges the view that race and gender are two separate phenomena, insisting that the struggles to end racism and sexism are inextricably intertwined.

"A fiery piece of polemic filled with merciless criticism of feminism and black activism alike for their neglect of black women's rights ... provocative and inspiring ... visionary" - New Statesman

"One of the twenty most influential women's books of the last twenty years" - Publishers Weekly

"Her commentary about the impact of racism and sexism on black women is still relevant today. The book reminds me that in order to fight for true equality for all women, we must take into account the movement's past injustices" - Emma Watson


paperback  |  216 pages  |  215x135mm

first published 1981

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