How The Garden Grows by YVETTE on Western Vinyl

YVETTE - How The Garden Grows


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YVETTE conjures atmospheres that are both disturbing and familiar at once, pushing synthesizers, effects pedals, vocal processors, acoustic-electric drums, and midi guitar controllers to their extremes. 

Singer/multi-instrumentalist Noah Kardos-Fein and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Dale Eisinger think of their music not so much in terms of sound as in terms of feeling. The New York duo uses music both as therapy and a weapon, as an outlet for the stress of the daily grind and a release of the pent up tension that metastasises only after living in a busy, unrelenting metropolis. How The Garden Grows, the sophomore record from YVETTE, reconfigures the anxiety of the moment into deeply spiritual, wildly aggressive, and frequently beautiful noise music, in the tradition of early post-punk and industrial artists like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and This Heat. 

The album was written and recorded over three years, as Kardos-Fein and Eisinger watched developers raze many of their favourite NYC venues. Rather than disappearing into the rubble of the city they love, How The Garden Grows grew out of that chaos. 


"Yvette managed to recast a music rooted in nihilism and agitation into something approachable and transfixing... They're an industrial act in the truest sense of the term, transforming scabrous raw materials into beautiful, glistening, chrome-plated objects that cast an uncanny allure. Theirs is a noise molded intp contours - if not the sound - of pop music, offering an accessible entry point into a world of ugly brutalism" - Pitchfork 

"Yvette are a noise-rock duo from Brooklyn who manage to turn drilling sounds and drones, the hum and clatter of machinery, into riveting entertainment" - The Guardian 


  1. B61 
  2. Contact High 
  3. Warm UP 
  4. Besides 
  5. For a Moment 
  6. Close Quarters 
  7. Smoke In Your Eyes 
  8. Best Intentions 
  9. Translucent 
  10. Intermission 


  • US import 
  • LP housed in reverse-board jacket, and contains download coupon 




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