Memory Sketches by Tim Linghaus on 1631 Recordings / Schole

Tim Linghaus - Memory Sketches


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Tim Linghaus was born in the GDR in the early 1980s. He made his first experiences with making music when he discovered his father's RX 11 and guitars when he was a young boy. During his school and university years he played guitar in a couple of bands that touched different genres ranging from metal to singer/songwriter. Today, Tim's music is mainly based on piano, synthesizers and noise.

“The German composer creates luminous ambiences evoking feelings of wonder, moments of reflection/contemplation and also passing melancholy. Each window into this world leaves the listener yearning for another glimpse. Fans of Nils FrahmJulien Marchal and Mike Lazarev will love all these sound”  – Headphone Commute

“Linghaus’ graceful piano lines possess the same restrained, melancholic cadence of Satie’s Gymnopédies while resonant strings provide the narrative and emotional exposition to potent effect. Lovely as the music is on its own, it is immeasurably enhanced by impeccably crafted ambient and textural elements which create for the listener the illusion of being the unseen, quiet observer in each of the changing scenes. It may be short, but Vhoir is a pure balm for the ears.” – Stationary Travels


  1. Looking For Dad In Radio Noise 
  2. Coming Home From Graduation, Pt. I (Yearbook) 
  3. Drive Me Somewhere Nice
  4. Crossing Bornholmer
  5. Into The Darker Architecture Of Yours
  6. C In Schoenhauser
  7. Rx
  8. Me In Your Rear-View Mirror (Boys Don’t Cry)
  9. D(E)Ad Eyes
  10. Grandma’s Deathbed, Pt. V (Roxy Music In The Rv)
  11. Funeral For Dad, Pt. Ii (It Was Nice To Have Known You)
  12. We Will Never Come Back Here Again (Lament)
  13. Adventure Park
  14.  Song For S
  15. I Was Atoms And Waves
  16. You In Our Rear-View Mirror (Cemetery Car Park)

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