The Middle Ones - There You Made Me Funny


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The Middle Ones return this summer with their eagerly anticipated new album, There You Made Me Funny, available to pre-order now - only from radio/ON.

Playing love songs to their friends; bittersweet and optimistic, never hokey, The Middle Ones (Anna Knowles and Grace Denton) sing with defiant charm and an unpretentious deep deep wisdom - of the type you'll find in only the very best pop music! Recorded at Humm in Norwich with Nicol Parkinson (FrozyPalomica), There You Made Me Funny is bold and bright and shimmers in a haze of harmony and lo-fi post-pop simplicity, that brings to mind the tender joy of indie-pop heart-throbs The Softies, Heavenly, and Tattle Tale.

Where their previous two albums - 2011's It Is The Rehearsal That Will Make This and 2012's Slow And Steady, both recorded with Headfall's Michal William - took a more experimental acoustic approach, and saw Grace and Anna joined by various musicians, building up walls of sometimes-cacophonous echo, the new album strips things back primarily to a minimal guitar/drum duo, with only the occasional complementary accompaniment from Nicol and Eve Phillips (Ace Bushy StripteaseOkinawa Picture Show) - a sound that will be familiar to anyone that's had their hearts stolen at a Middle Ones show.

Following a string of releases on Where It's At Is Where You Are, stitch-stitch, Discount Horse, Plan-It-X (split with Best Friends Forever) and Tuff Enuff, There You Made Me Funny will be the first on the band's own Both Both Records, and is a welcome reminder of why they hold such a special place in the heart of the UK DIY scene.


  1. Lucky
  2. All The Way Home
  3. Cromer
  4. Hana
  5. O.M.C.
  6. Waking Up
  7. I Liked You Straight Away
  8. To Look Loud
  9. Oh Brother
  10. We Go
  11. The Place


radio/ON is extremely proud to be the only place you can pre-order There You Made Me Funny, which will be pressed in a run of just 250 copies.

A free full-album download is also included. Pre-orders will be sent a download link when the order ships.

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