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Nima Aghiani - REMS


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Nima Aghiani is a Tehran-born, Paris-based sound-artist/violinist who is also one half of 9T Antiope.

"Sometimes I can no longer distinguish when I am awake and when I am not. This makes me always wonder what is my actual reality, and does it even matter?"

The acronym REMS, short for Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, is defined by Aghiani as "one of the levels of sleep during which we still see dreams as our eyes are physically in motion - the moment before we awaken. I often experience this as a constant lost state of being, in-between full consciousness and deep sleep."

Because of this, the aural discourse of REMS unveils itself through a stretched canvas of rumination and terror - a frequency bath filled with power electronics belting, screeching, and pulsating alongside wondrous sheets of string-kissed melodies.

"These seven songs are set as REM layers. To me, they personify self-actualized dimensions in which scenarios can play out, whether as dream or nightmare."


  1. Khatozar
  2. Oucyl
  3. Ibbothal
  4. Khaovyn
  5. Qamyn
  6. Bamyn
  7. Kah-Gash


Transparent (prison format) cassette with full face imprint, J-Card, Norelco case, and housed in hand-assembled custom jacket with letterpress and rubber stamp print; includes download card

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