Teenage Guitar - More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush

Teenage Guitar - More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush


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Originally released in 2014, More Lies From the Gooseberry Bush is the second album by Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices' gloriously unkempt lo-fi solo project, Teenage Guitar. 
An album overflowing with brilliant, noisy, breathlessly discordant pop wonder, it's all of a piece, and that piece adds up to a sense of urgency and what sounds an awful lot like unconstrained joy suffusing every single track - the whole thing sounding like it could all fall apart at any moment were it not being held together by the expertise of a songwriter of Pollard's understated talent. 
This release is also complete with a bonus disc containing the full 2013 self-released album Force Fields At Home



CD1 | More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush: 

  1. Go Around (The Apartment Dwellers) 
  2. Spliced At Acme Fair 
  3. A Guaranteed Ratio 
  4. Good Mary's House 
  5. Skin Ride 
  6. Full Glass Gone 
  7. All You Fought For 
  8. Gear OP 
  9. No Escape 
  10. Matthew's Ticker and Shaft a. come to breakfast b. the girls arrive c. division of swans d. when death has a nice ring 
  11. The Instant American 
  12. Normalized 
  13. New Light 
  14. Birthplace of the Electric Starter 
  15. A Year That Could Have Been Worse 

CD2 | Force Fields At Home: 

  1. Court of Lions 
  2. Come See The Super Moon 
  3. Current Pressings Colors And Styles 
  4. Still Down Stairs 
  5. 8 Bars Of Meaningless Mathilda 
  6. Harvest Whale 
  7. Strangers For A Better Society 
  8. It Takes A Great Promise 
  9. It Doesn't Mean I'm Underground 
  10. Baby Apple 
  11. Peter Pan Can 
  12. Alice And Eddie (Fabulous Child Actors) 
  13. Alfred Never 
  14. Gymnasium Politics 
  15. Atlantic Cod 
  16. Suburban Cycle Saccharine 
  17. Postcard To Pinky 
  18. Let Me 


  • Housed in gatefold jacket with 6mm spine and printed inner sleeves 





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