Dark Comedy by Open Mike Eagle on Mello Music Group (MMG00052)

Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy


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One famous Oscar Wilde aphorism claimed: "if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise, they'll kill you." Open Mike Eagle lacks the capacity to tell anything but the truth. In a nation that prizes self-aggrandising buffoons and artful liars, morbid humour might be the sanest response-a tourniquet to stop the toxicity from spreading. If this sounds heavy, it's probably because it is. Dark Comedy, the 2014 Mello Music debut from the critically revered Los Angeles rapper, is mostly about the failure of Karl Marx's Proletariat Revolution. Yet its brilliance stems less from the novelty of its ideas than from the ingenuity of its wordplay, its caustic whimsy, and infectious melodies.
Opening track 'Dark Comedy Morning Show' operates as a shorthand manifesto; single 'Qualifiers' finds Eagle subverting the notions of traditional rap braggadocio and lyrical terrain (his revolution isn't just some abstract political ideals, but at the crux of his approach to art); a record that captures the perennial struggle between art and commerce, the last half-century of widening class rift, and the need to be funny or die. 



  1. Dark Comedy Morning Show 
  2. Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn) 
  3. Qualifiers 
  4. Idaho 
  5. Thirty Ego Raps 
  6. Sadface Penance Raps 
  7. Golden Age Raps 
  8. A History of Modern Dance 
  9. Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) 
  10. Deathmate Black 
  11. Doug Stamper (feat. Hanibal Buress) 
  12. Informations (feat. Kool A.D.) 
  13. Big Pretty Bridges (3 Days In Albuquerque) 


  • Limited-edition iridescent blue vinyl edition available exclusively from independent stores 






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