Michi Sarmiento Y Su Combo Bravo - Salsa Con Monte


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Salsa con Monte was the sixth album by Michi Sarmiento y sus Bravos, originally released by Discos Fuentes in 1973. 
The Combo Bravo, led by Michi Sarmiento, were pioneers of salsa and Afro-Cuban music in Colombia in the late '60s and early '70s, and this album, reissued for the very first time, includes an irresistibly danceable and diverse set of music that takes in guanguancó, cumbelé, calypso, cumbión, rumba, paseo, gaita, and merengue. 



  1. Viramundo 
  2. Se Apagó 
  3. Manué 
  4. San Patricio 
  5. Qué Vida Llevo 
  6. Cartagena y Barranquilla 
  7. La Rumba se Acabó 
  8. Salsa con Monte 
  9. Olaya 
  10. La Vara Santa 
  11. Rosy 
  12. Me Engañaste  
  13. La Casa del Jabonero 


  • Pressed on 180g vinyl 
  • Features the original sleeve artwork 




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