Tree Spirits by From Nursery to Misery on Dark Entries Records (the album artwork features is a light mint-green tinted black and white photograph of Tina and Gina Fear next to a tree by a river)

From Nursery To Misery - Tree Spirits


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From Nursery to Misery formed in 1987, when producer and keyboardist Lee Stevens invited identical twins Gina and Tina Fear over to record in his home studio in Basildon, Essex. Four years of prodigious studio experimentation followed, resulting in two full length cassettes (1989’s The Oak Tree and 1990’s Equilibrium), and a split EP with Nostalgie Eternelle in 1990. Stalwarts of the Mail Art scene, they also appeared on over 22 DIY cassette compilations, before splitting in 1991. 
The eleven tracks on Tree Spirits display From Nursery to Misery’s signatures: chunky drum machine patterns, playfully eerie synth melodies, and Tina and Gina’s stark, nursery rhyme-esque vocals.  
The lyrical content ranges from dreary to grim as they explore existential despair, sexual violence, and death, all through an acerbic, feminist lens. Stylistically, the music ranges from charmingly miserable lo-fi synth-pop on to rhythmic industrial minimalism. From Nursery to Misery are a pure expression of the innovative British DIY aesthetic, which is made all the more captivating by the band’s own confession that they were just trying to make pop music! 


  1. Cry Me 
  2. My Life In Shatters 
  3. I Ask Myself Why 
  4. Poison 
  5. The Daily Raper 
  6. Gallop Along 
  7. Aeroplanes 
  8. Say Goodbye (To The Deep Blue Sky) 
  9. Spawning Beds 
  10. A Summer Morning Trip Through Misty Woods 
  11. Momentum Of The Dance 


  • US import 
  • Contains 1.25" square badge featuring the band's logo 
  • Includes 12-page booklet with lyrics, liner notes, and an archival interview with the band 



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