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Faust celebrate fifty years of being a band with a special limited-edition box set containing seven LPs, including Faust, So Far, The Faust Tapes, Faust IV, Punkt (1974 album that has never been released), Momentaufnahme I (unreleased studio tracks), Momentaufnahme II (unreleased studio tracks), plus two 7" singles. 

Few bands have been as innovative, influential or as irrepressible as Faust - the way they revolutionised the history of music in the space of just four years puts them right up there with The Velvet Underground. What began in a Hamburg (Sternschanze) bunker in 1970 would send shockwaves around the world. As Stephen Morris (Joy Division/New Order) remembers it: "The first Krautrock record which made a lasting impression on me was the debut album by Faust. The transparent disc looked spectacular and the music was mindblowing, not songs as such, it was something absolutely unique, the polar opposite of everything the Rolling Stones, Beatles and the like were doing. It was right up my street." 

This boxset is the first virtually complete collection of Faust works from the years 1971-1974. In addition to the debut album, it includes the 1972 album So Far, the legendary 1973 Virgin UK release The Faust Tapes ("Some chose to play frisbee with the LP, others said it changed their lives" as Jean-Hervé Peron noted), Faust IV and, for the first time ever, the mythical, so-called "Munich album" Punkt, which Faust recorded at Giorgio Moroder's Musicland Studios in 1974. For one reason or another, this last album never saw the light of day - until now. The bonus albums Momentaufnahme I and Momentaufnahme II also feature unreleased material, simultaneously affording us a fascinating glimpse of Faust's creativity in their Wümme studio phase. 

Two 7" singles round off the Faust 1971-1974 compendium: 'Lieber Herr Deutschland' is the demo recording they sent to Polydor in 1971, remarkably triggering a contract offer from the label who had something of a conservative reputation at the time. The track later resurfaced as the B-side to their single 'Baby,' a song which had been rejected by the aforementioned label. The second 7" single in the box is a re-release of 'So Far,' the first Faust single on Polydor, originally issued in 1972. 

It is by no means overstating the case to assert that Faust created and christened a genre (a name would prove emotive) in one fell swoop (with the first track on Faust IV). This box is no more and no less than the holy grail of Krautrock. Even fifty years (or perhaps all the more so) after they took their first musical steps in a bunker near Hamburg's Sternschanze station, Faust still sound revolutionary, timeless, irrepressible and, above all, unique. 


  1. Why Don't You Eat Carrots? 
  2. Meadow Meal 
  3. Miss Fortune 
So Far: 
  1. It's A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl 
  2. On The Way To Abamäe 
  3. No Harm 
  4. So Far 
  5. Mamie Is Blue 
  6. I've Got My Car And My TV 
  7. Picnic On A Frozen River 
  8. Me Lack Space… 
  9. …In The Spirit 
The Faust Tapes: 
  1. Several Hands On Our Piano 
  2. Don't! 
  3. Flashback Caruso 
  4. Voices And Trumpet And All 
  5. J'ai Mal Aux Dents 
  6. Beim nächsten Ton ist es… 
  7. Two Drums, Bass, Organ 
  8. Dr. Schwitters Intro 
  9. Several Hands On Our Piano (Continued) 
  10. Beam Me Up, Scotty 
  11. Elerimomuvid 
  12. Dr. Schwitters (Continued) 
  13. Have A Good Time, Everybody 
  14. Above And Under Our Piano 
  15. Hermanns Lament 
  16. Donnerwetter 
  17. Was ist hier los? 
  18. Rudolf der Pianist 
  19. Ricochets 
  20. I've Heard That One Before 
  21. Watch Your Step 
  22. Under Our Piano Again 
  23. Fluid Chorus 
  24. Stretch Out Time 
  25. Der Baum 
  26. Chère Chambre 
Faust IV: 
  1. Krautrock 
  2. The Sad Skinhead 
  3. Jennifer 
  4. Just A Second / Picnic On A Frozen River, Deuxième Tableau 
  5. Giggy Smile 
  6. Läuft… Heisst das, es läuft oder es kommt bald?… Läuft! 
  7. It's A Bit Of A Pain 
  1. Morning Land 
  2. Crapolino 
  3. Knochentanz 
  4. Fernlicht 
  5. Juggernaut 
  6. Schön Rund 
  7. Prends Ton Temps 
Momentaufnahme I: 
  1. Naja 
  2. Flaflas 
  3. Es Ist Wieder Da 
  4. Mechanika 
  5. Weird Sounds Sound Bizarre 
  6. Karotten 
  7. RéMaj7 
  8. Fin De Face 
  9. Vorsatz 
  10. Acouphènes 
  11. Interlude 18. Juni 
  12. Dadalibal 
  13. Bonne Soupe Au Fromage 
  14. Rückwärts durch die Drehtür 
Momentaufnahme II: 
  1. Danach 
  2. Gegensprechanlage 
  3. Lampe an, Tür zu, Leute rein! 
  4. Purzelbaum mit Anschubsen 
  5. Tête-à-Tête im Schredder 
  6. Dampf 
  7. Testbildhauer 
  8. I am... an Artist 
  9. Wir wollen mehr Volumen kriegen 
  10. Arrampicarsi Sul Vesuvio 
  11. …und alles durcheinander 
  12. The Fear Of Missing Out 
  13. Ma Trompette 
  14. As-tu Vu Mon Ombre? 
7 “single: 
  1. Lieber Herr Deutschland 
  2. Baby 
7” single: 
  1. So Far (Single Version) 
  2. It's A Bit Of A Pain 


  • Limited to 2000 copies 
  • Mastered from the original tapes 
  • Includes 20-page full-size colour booklet with liner notes and photographs 







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