Blueprints For A Blackout by The Ex on Ex Records (the album artwork is a black and white photograph of someone in a ballerina's dress wearing a gas mask and holding a machine gun; the band name and album titke are hand-written in white against the black background)

The Ex - Blueprints For A Blackout


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Blueprints For A Blackout is The Ex's fifth album, originally released in 1984. 
Formed in Amsterdam in 1979, The Ex have personified the do-it-yourself and forward-thinking spirit of punk ever since. On the double-album, Blueprints For A Blackout, whilst retaining the edginess of their previous records, the band introduced various instrumentation and influences (perhaps most notably that of free-jazz) that placed them head and shoulders above their contemporaries, as they became more experimental with every new release. 
This reissue, on their own Ex Records, features the original artwork and full-size 24-page booklet. 



  1. Streetcars Named Desire / Animal Harm (Medly) 
  2. Blueprints For A Blackout 
  3. Rabble With A Cause 
  4. Requiem For A Rip-Off 
  5. Pleased To Meat You 
  6. A Goodbuy To You 
  7. The Swim 
  8. Boohoo 
  9. U.S. Hole 
  10. (Not) 2B Continued 
  11. Grimm Stories 
  12. A Plague To Survive 
  13. The Rise Of The Dutch Republic 
  14. Kidnap Connection 
  15. Fire And Ice 
  16. Jack Frost Is Innocent 
  17. Love You Till Eh 
  18. Food On 45 
  19. Scrub That Scum 


  • Features the original artwork 
  • Includes full-size 24-page booklet 




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