Ocean Songs by Dirty Three on Touch & Go Records (the album artwork features a painting in blue and white by Mick Turner depicting a white in a crescent shape with their eyes closed; the band name is painting in white at the top-left, and the album title in white at the bottom edge).

Dirty Three - Ocean Songs


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Ocean Songs is the fourth album by Dirty Three, originally released on Touch and Go Records in March 1998. 

Recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago with Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black), and featuring David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol) on piano and harmonium, Ocean Songs' contemplative, sombre and expansive atmosphere has made it one of their best loved and most enduring albums. 

Dirty Three formed in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia and consist of Warren Ellis (violin), Jim White (drums) and Mick Turner (guitar); their loosely-formed instrumental and improvisational music rumbles and drifts effortlessly with a heartbreaking pathos and wordless lyricism. It is a sound that transcends any number of genres, be it post-punk, slowcore, americana, experimental or post-rock, and always feels timelessly familiar, urgent and necessary. 

"Eschewing the now patented violin-led raveups, the Dirty Three turned the atmosphere up to 11. With Warren Ellis playing sans distortion for the first time, Ocean Songs ebbs and flows with its own inevitable momentum: quiet, reflective and painstakingly slow" - Rolling Stone 

"Dirty Three are my favourite live band. No contest... I think it's because they don't have a singer... There are three musicians working together, one no less important than the other and well, you can get lost in all that. Their music washes over you and you're away... When I watch them, they ignite something, I start having grand plans and hundreds of lyrics leap into my head" - Nick Cave 


  1. Sirena 
  2. The Restless Waves 
  3. Distant Shore 
  4. Authentic Celestial Music 
  5. Backwards Voyager 
  6. Last Horse On The Sand 
  7. Sea Above, Sky Below 
  8. Black Tide 
  9. Deep Waters 
  10. Ends Of The Earth 


  • US import
  • Features artwork by Mick Turner 
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