The Nocturne, The Nightmare and a Fruit by Tetsuo Furudate on Sub Rosa Records (the album artwork features a black and white photograph of Furudate leaning on a table or something, that one imagines has some electronics on it)

Tetsuo Furudate - The Nocturne, The Nightmare And A Fruit


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Tetsuo Furudate's output include electronic music, film, and video, creating time passages between old and new pieces; re-reading the past through re-appropriations. All of his recent pieces can be watched or just listened to, and are a cultural mix that embraces all eastern and western cultures (from JS Bach to Merzbow). 

A minimalist and largely improvised album featuring Keiko Higuchi (vocals & piano) and Olga Magieres, on The Nocturne, The Nightmare And The Fruit, Testsuo Furudate creates a dream-like liminalist, borderless and timeless universe, where voices and pianos reach great emotional and powerful abstract depths, and where equal weight is given to silences between the notes and the intake of breath on the microphone. The three pieces are directed by Furudate, who mixes the individual elements as an editor might piece together a film made of borrowed images, sampled voices, found sounds and archive material. 

Tetsuo Furudate was first the collaborator and friend of Zbigniew Karkowski in Japan, and together they created radical and complex pieces under the name of World as Will (after Arthur Schopenhauer's book), some of which were rewritten for the viennese Zeitkratzer Ensemble (including Ulrich Krieger and Anton Lukoszevieze). 

Keiko Higuchi is a pianist and vocalist, and is as one of the most singular performing artists in jazz and improvised music. 

Olga Magieres is a Russian pianist living in Denmark who specialises in improvised music and the syntactic relationship of languages. 


  1. Nocturne For Dishonored  [23:25] 
  2. Nightmare of Goldberg  [23:05] 
  3. Strange Fruit  [05:15] 


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