Antiphonals by Sarah Davachi on Late Music (the album artwork features black and white images of ornate carvings, probably found in churches)

Sarah Davachi - Antiphonals


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Antiphonals is the second full-length album by Sarah Davachi on her own Late Music label, recorded between February and December 2020 in Los Angeles. It is a slow and sedate solo affair composed using Mellotron (English horn, bass flute, clarinet, recorder, oboe, French horn, chamber organ, nylon string guitar), tape echo, Korg CX-3 electric organ, pipe organ, harpsichord, piano, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, violin, and voice. 

As a composer and performer of both acoustic and electronic music, Sarah Davachi’s work is concerned with the close intricacies of intimate aural space, utilising extended durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasise subtle variations in texture, overtone complexity, psychoacoustic phenomena and temperament and intonation. 

Similarly informed by minimalist tenets of the 1960s and 1970s, baroque leanings toward slow-moving chordal suspensions, and experimental production practices of the recording studio environment, in her sound is manifest an experience that lessens apprehension of consonance and dissonance in likeness of the familiar and the distant. 


  1. Chorus Scene 
  2. Magdalena 
  3. First Cadence 
  4. Gradual of Image 
  5. Border of Mind 
  6. Abeyant 
  7. Rushes Recede 
  8. Doubled Flutes 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition silver vinyl LP available exclusively from indie stores 
  • Both LP formats contain download coupon 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 4mm spine 




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